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Create a Discord.JS V13 Button

How to create a button in Discord.JS V13.

Mohammad Hajjiri

Created by / Mohammad Hajjiri

Many people have been confused on how to create a Discord.JS Button at the release of Discord.JS V13, whereas due to that, I'm more than happy to share with you guys on how to create a simple button and how you could easily interact with it.

This code is a code for a slash command (/), and not a message command (prefix like !). You must have a slash-command handler for this code to work or else it will NOT work.

Let us first start by requiring the necessary classes in Discord.JS which are MessageEmbed(), MessageActionRow(), and MessageButton(), using this code:

const { MessageEmbed, MessageActionRow, MessageButton } = require('discord.js');

Afterwards, let's create the code for the message + the button. In this case, we will be using collectors!

const embed = new MessageEmbed()
.setDescription(`Press the button for a cookie. 🍪`)

const row = new MessageActionRow()
        new MessageButton()

const m = await interaction.followUp({ embeds: [embed], components: [row] });

const filter = (int) => === && ===;
const collector ={ filter, max: 1, componentType: 'BUTTON', time: 15000 });

collector.on('end', async (ButtonInteraction) => {
    ButtonInteraction = ButtonInteraction.first();

    if (!ButtonInteraction) {
        return await interaction.editReply({ components: [row] })
    } else {
        switch (ButtonInteraction.customId) {
            case 'cookie':
                embed.setDescription('A cookie for you. 🍪');
                return await ButtonInteraction.update({ embeds: [embed], components: [] });

Lastly, try out the command, and you have, successfully, created your first Discord.JS button!

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